Frozen Music @Leeds Art Gallery

‘If Architecture is frozen music, imagine what would happen in a thaw’ – Matt Dixon

Impression of the event

Impression of the event

This is the reason why Leeds is such a great place: its very condensed city centre has the ability to become a cultural and artistic hub, with events and activities that are happening all the time and are easy to locate. I came across one such event a couple of weeks ago coming home from work: Frozen Music audio/visual experiment at Victoria Gardens.

According to the event page, Frozen Music uses the real time EEG brain scanning of performers to melt and morph the facade of Leeds Art Gallery, symbiotically linked to a live improvised score. This live architectural projection mapping experiments was created to see what happens when people imagine architecture as frozen music in a thaw.

The live score performed fused written and improvised elements with acoustic and electronic sounds, contributing to the surreal performance – it partly reminded me of those 90’s paranoia-inflickting science-fiction B flicks in which technology and computing science, controlled by evil IT masterminds, was the villain (Hackers anyone?), and partly of the Terry Gilliam dreamlike sequences appearing in his best movies.

The experiment was as wonderful as it was weird, fascinating and confusing the audience and passers-by: it was awesome!!

DSC_0170 copy DSC_0151 copy DSC_0163 copy DSC_0159 copyDSC_0155 copy DSC_0153 copy

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